Monday, March 30, 2015

Honda S660

Here it is, the real thing.

Powered by a 3 cylinder turbo engine.
With a choice of CVT or 6 speed manual.

It just looks like so much fun!


cesare monti said...

Finally the original Honda spirit.....with a cute modern design.

Anonymous said...

Overwrought. An erratic fat little piggy. The world really needed another "too small" convertible. I keep hoping someone will create a full-size 4-5 passenger (by passenger I mean four real 250lb++, 6'5" AMERICAN passengers) able to FIT in COMFORT. Instead we get yet another in the vast sea of tiny, useless, ugly, cramped death-traps that you have to shoe-horned into (and cut out of if it ever contacts another--anything!) I hope the money wasted on this doesn't have to be made up for by upping the price of Honda's other (cheap econo) cars.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH - another cute little car for the ladies. Haven't seen one of these since the Fiero and MR2.

Anonymous said...

What a disaster.. ugh

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Why would Honda want to design the car for "four real 250lb++, 6'5" AMERICAN passengers"... when this car is ONLY GOING TO BE SOLD IN JAPAN?