Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2016 Jaguar XF: Not that much better in black.

The Jagbaru.


Anonymous said...

I was reminded today after seeing an F Type in traffic how amazing it looks in person and how much is lost in pictures. I can tell the proportions and styling of the F clearly inspired the new XF, and with new architecture etc, I think this will be a huge step forward and have amazing road presence.

Bottom line: after sensory overload by brands like Infiniti, Lexus, and BMW who have such fussy designs and more character lines than cylinders, I think we've all become a bit desensitized to more pure style. I look forward to making my decision when I see it in the flesh!

Anonymous said...

The nose is longer, and that makes it look better (for the same reason a 1966 AMC Ambassador looks better than a 66 Rebel). Beyond that, the exterior could be a Focus--with aftermarket tail lights and Jags good-looking grill. Nice, but not nearly nice enough for a car costing more than a Ford Focus or Chrysler 200.