Friday, December 12, 2014

Infiniti Q60 "Concept"

They've already told us that this new concept will be "really, really" close to the real thing.
So it's pretty much one of these fake concepts. You know, the ones that are actually a regular car, with tiny rear view mirrors, larger wheels and more aggressive front ends.

So far it looks really good.
The "old" G37 coupe was always a nice looking car. And a decent alternative to the German competition.


Anonymous said...

Oustanding, sleek, strong, solid....let's hope it looks like this and im sure it will.

Tard said...

First G Coupe was hot.
Second G Coupe was not.

This Concept is just that: a concept.
When I look at the abortions comprising the remainder of the Infiniti line up, I have little confidence in their pulling off anything attractive. I do look forward to it, though, because the entire car market is mostly boring designs, but interesting ≠ ugly and overstyled, Infiniti.