Thursday, April 17, 2014

VW Midsize Coupe Concept

These are, of course, exaggerated, optimistic illustrations. Of a concept car.
Which will then be toned down for production.

It looks good on these drawings, but nothing really amazing or original.
This should be out right now.

People are calling this the new Jetta CC. But since VW calls it "Midsize" it could dust be the next CC.
(Which is now 6 years old)

Inside, things look a bit flat. And a lot like the US Passat. (Which is not a good thing.)

We should see the real concept in a few days. And maybe some news about the production version as well...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who they are trying to fool. But it sure looks like a 4 door sedan to me, not a 2 door "coupe"

Anonymous said...

Pvl blacklaser... Diamond cut here.

Anonymous said...

Pvl blacklaser, diamond cut here.