Saturday, April 19, 2014

2015 Ford Escort

As mentioned before, this is only for the Chinese market.
Not sure what Ford sells over there, but this looks to be the size of a Fiesta sedan.

Interior doesn't look as bad as it could. This being a cheap car.
And the overall design is super boring, but not ugly at all.

There is really nothing wrong here. This is a super model next to a Versa.


Tard said...

Looks a heck of a lot nicer that the Fiesta Sedan here. The US Fiesta sedan is so obtusely hideous it is painful to look at.

Anonymous said...

Actually If Ford sells this car all over the world it would easily kill the Toyota Corolla, the back seats of this car is superb from what I see, so its more family focused than a Ford Focus and yet not fugly,
Now if Ford has brains they will sell it all over the world

Anonymous said...

Remember... THE FORD ESCORT was Ford's WORLD CAR when it debuted . Ironic that it's China only now.

Anonymous said...

This sedan is a total snoozefest! It's only purpose is to provide cheap and roomy transportation. That being said, it does look much better than other vehicles in this category (such as Nissan's Versa sedan). I'm not sure how FoMoCo could market it here without devouring Fiesta and Focus sales (which I'm guessing generate higher profits than what this new inexpensive Escort could provide).

I would really like to see Ford use the "Escort" name on the EcoSport crossover in the US market. Ford needs to take the plunge and dive into this market segment.

Anonymous said...

Glad it's staying in China. This is a boring little thing. Love the color tho.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Sounds as though this model will have dimensions similar to the current Focus, especially in terms of wheelbase length. So, much more likely to be a competitor for the Peugeot 301 class.