Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Toyota Aygo

The new Aygo does look cute. And much more modern than its Peugeot/Citroen cousins.

This is a smaller/cheaper car than the Yaris. So we are talking tiny, and very inexpensive.

I am sure it looks even better without the black trim on the fenders, and the black wheels.

And of course, this is not for us.


JW said...

I'm hoping they make a raccoon less version. I like it except for that part.

Anonymous said...

Would be a decent replacement for the aging Yaris here in North America in my opinion. The again, I'm just the consumer, what the hell do I know.

Michael Harwood said...

They should kill the scion iQ and bring this instead for Scion. Price it like $13K.

Anonymous said...

This should be to iQ, it would sell more.