Friday, March 28, 2014

Ford Transit Van testing in the US

 This is the US version of Ford's replacement for the aging (To say the least) E series van.

It is basically the same as the one sold in Europe.
Which is a bit sad to me. As I never liked the look of these European delivery vans. They just always look too tall and narrow.

But now even the Dodge ones (now ram) are replaced by the "skinny and tall" Fiat versions.

It seems GM's Express is the last of its kind.
Unless it gets replaced by the new Opel version we saw a few weeks ago.

This is the death of the American Van...
Here is the Euro version, shown at the Detroit show.
As you can see, the US one seems to be exactly the same.


JW said...

Why couldn't the just make a new E-Series with new/better underpinnings and a transit front end?

Anonymous said...

IMO, the front is lovably ugly. Looking forward to seeing these on the road and would consider it for purchase should it meet passenger car roof-crush and small overlap standards.

Mobis21 said...

Vince I actually like the new Euro vans Ford is planning on releasing here. Much improved over the current outdated E-series.

Besides, these vans will make excellent RVs. Seen one fully customized from Chrysler and it looked great.

Tard said...

It's a work van. It's supposed to be functional - not look cool. The shape and features of the euro vans are far more functional than the Express or E series ever were, and they are generally more fuel efficient.

Do I think they look odd? Sure, but I'm fine with a tool looking odd if it does the job better, which these do. The US Express and E series vans look like they were designed 30 years ago, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

The Opel van is a re-badged Renault van.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Nissan makes a van specific to the North American market, based on is Titan pick up truck.