Thursday, February 27, 2014

What could have been: 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee

 This doesn't look like a Jeep to me at all. More like a Dodge Durango.
But I hear this was an early proposal for the 2009 redesign.

The real thing.


Anonymous said...

Chrysler version of the Dodge Journey.. look at the grille!

Anonymous said...

Clearly not a Jeep design as the wheel wells are circular. Plus the grille looks wrong. This was probably a Chrysler or Dodge design.

JW said...

If they continued the Pacifica maybe?

Anonymous said...

Look at the grill and headlight shape....a dead ringer from the 300 Sedan at the this had to have been the redesigned Pacifica before it got cancelled. The 2009 Grand Cherokee pictured was refreshed for 2008, so it couldn't have been it as it was all new for 2005. Jeeps have life spans longer than 4 years. We are lucky to even get refreshes with them.

- FusioptimaSX