Thursday, February 06, 2014

VW Taigun Concept. Take Two

 Pretty much the same one we saw last year.
Except the convenient hatchback in the rear has been replaced by an old fashion, clunky design with the spare wheel. Just like we used to have over here on the old CRV.
(I guess some people like the fake "off road look" better.)

It also uses VW's all new 3 cylinder, one liter Turbo engine.

And I think it would be a nice addition to VW's US line up.
But again, they say no. NO to Polo, NO to Scirocco and NO to this! Go figure.

This is last year's concept, with a regular hatchback.


moore said...

I like these "close to reality" thinly-veiled concepts. I'm big on detail and one thing stands out. Look at the driver's door. There is only one power window control. Very strange. Apparently they didn't have the driver's door panel finalized.

Anonymous said...

Those Wrangler looking spare wheels are as old fashioned as vinyl tops. It needs to stop.


Anonymous said...

The return of the GEO tracker.

Anonymous said...

How does that rear glass open with the spare in the way?