Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Volvo Concept Estate

Basically a wagon version of the Concept Coupe we saw a few months ago.
Basically modern versions of the old P1800 models.
Which is great.

This one looks fantastic.
And also, ready to go!

But... I am afraid this will either never turn into a production car. Or will be many years from now, when it's too late.
Volvo should have this car now!

But all we've been seeing testing around (forever) is the next XC90.
And that is still almost a year away.
Nothing else has been spied. Which means nothing else is coming for at least 2 years.



Anonymous said...

Not sure why this 2 doors. It's not a coupe and practical wagon so just add 4 doors...

I thought there were actually XC90 testing photo's recently but they were still based on current XC90. We should hear more about the redesign this year. Should be released by 2015.

Anonymous said...

This is freaking HOT

Anonymous said...

This really should be out now (even as a 4 door) as the V80 Wagon. I'm not sure how it fits in the lineup in terms of size, but I'm assuming the top end.

- FusioptimaSX