Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mazda Hazumi Concept; next Mazda 2

This new upcoming concept is supposed to give us a taste of the all new generation Mazda2.
it could be offered with a new 1.5 Liter Diesel in Europe.

But I have heard a while ago that Mazda might choose not to bring the new 2 over here.
Which would be really too bad.


Anonymous said...

If this is underpinning the Yaris, they HAVE to bring it here! The reason it didn't sell was because it had crap for options and a 4 Speed Auto.


Anonymous said...

It had a terrible cheap interior, nothing on it, not great mileage, and an antiquated AT. Thats the niche for the much cheaper Nissan Versa 5dr.

Anonymous said...

Mazda is building a new plant in Mexico to produce the next gen mazda2 & Mazda is going to produce a version of the new car for Toyota.

Carl said...

They will have a leg up on the new Fit if they can give it enough go.