Thursday, February 13, 2014

All new Renault Twingo

The first Twingo was one of the most original car I had ever seen.
Since, it has become one of these rather generic looking tiny European hatchbacks.

For the upcoming redesign, it looks like Renault will try to compete with the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper. Since the design resembles a bit the old Renault 5/LeCar from the 70's.
(It was previewed in a concept last year)

I am curious to see what it looks like without the cheesy stripes on these pictures.

More on this very soon.


Ben Stansfield said...

I like this look, figured you would too, Vince.
So much nicer stance and shapes than any supermini that comes to mind, and not retro (tho I agree it does remind me somehow of the 5/Le Car).

Anonymous said...

Didn't even see the rear doors until the bottom picture. Better than the current car for sure.