Friday, February 28, 2014

2015/16 Audi Q7

Seems that the new Q7 keeps being delayed.
Now they are taking about 2015. Exactly 10 years after the current model came out.

I think the current one still looks pretty good. And I don't really expect much from the next one.
Which will look like an amalgam of things we've seen before.
A blend of 4 year old concept front end, and the usual Audi shapes.


Anonymous said...

I think 2014 was original target and now maybe it's 2015. Not huge delay overall given their product cycles are already ridiculous long even without delay.
With VW they should know sales go down but in this case they're saved with new models (A3 sedan,Q3)

Besides to increase interest again they really need this redesign for the rumored weight savings to get more competitive FE since as you say getting pretty old (like the XC90 but they went to restructuring).

Anonymous said...