Thursday, February 13, 2014

2015 BMW 2 series Active Tourer

 The 1st version of the next 2 series will be the Active Tourer.
And it will be based on a FWD platform (Sure to be blasphemy for the BMW purists) shared with the new Mini Cooper. (although obviously a stretched version )

Since we never get the 1 series hatchback to begin with, I doubt will will ever be getting this in the US.
Which is too bad. It does look better than the Mercedes B-Class (Also FWD)

Here is last year's concept version. So you can see how close the production model will be.
Or did they change it just enough to make it more boring, softer?

More pictures of the real thing very soon...


Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why this is called the 2 Series as the 2 Series is still a RWD coupe/convertible. I don't buy the "it will be the next one" mantra, because this thing is close to production and the new RWD 2 series vehicles just came out.

- FusioptimaSX

Anonymous said...

Would I prefer this to the 2 series we get here? Yeah.
Do I care that is is not coming? No.

Why? Because the roads are already littered with the Ultimate Pretense Machines.

Anonymous said...

it looks like it's about to cry.