Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mercedes V-Class

Basically, a new version of the old Viano.
Which has been used in Europe as a cargo van as well as V.I.P/hotel/airport shuttle.

The new one (Now called V-Class) seems to be pushing the luxury card even more.

It looks just OK. Without the Mercedes grille, it could be anything. From a few years ago.
But the interior looks really good. A lot like the new C-Class.

Not sure yet is Mercedes will sell this in the US or not.

What do you think/ Would they be a market for a luxury "not-so-mini-Van" over here?


Anonymous said...

"What do you think/ Would they be a market for a luxury "not-so-mini-Van" over here?"

Man, that's tough one. For one, that interior is amazing; refined, sculpted, sumptuous. But I agree that the exterior is pretty pedestrian.

I'd *like* for it to be in the US market. But I'd wager MBUSA would deem it too much a gamble.

Anonymous said...

they tried to create a market with the R-Class. it failed... hmmm?

just wondering if the cargo version of this car will still have this awesome dashboard...

Anonymous said...


Carl said...

If MB is gunning to corner a niche market with this, then more power to them. I just don't see this generating worthwhile sales for them here.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much it looks like the current Chrysler/Dodge minivans, which were designed under M-B's ownership. Boring as all get-out.