Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GM Mule testing. Next Buick Lacrosse?

I say GM because there seems to be a lot of Insignia/Regal in here. But not quite.
It seems longer. And a bit different.

My best guess is an early prototype for the next LaCrosse.

Any other ideas???


Anonymous said...

Sonata ?

Anonymous said...

Nissan Maxima?
Seems to have the same sweeping shape as a recent concept.

Gromit said...

I'm betting it's the next-gen Opel Insignia. The wheels look very Opel-ish.

Anonymous said...

Electra 225

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a Maxima.. that will have the wraparound A-pillar from the GT-R. Probably not a Sonata, since it seems Hyundai is fully committing to six-light greenhouses on everything bigger than Elantra. Could it be the next Lincoln MKS? The sweeping C-pillar and high-mounted strip taillights look a lot like those on the MKZ.