Friday, January 31, 2014

Dodge Journey Crossroad

Chrysler feels they need to give Dodge "something" for the upcoming Chicago Auto show.
Since there are no new models coming up any time soon, they came up with an off road look option for the aging Journey.
It doesn't look too bad. Although I think they should have done even more. Like something around the wheel arches.
And black wheels are always a bad idea. (In my opinion)

This will start at $25 000. But the V6 is still an option.


Anonymous said...

"Oh shit, we've gotta show coming up, what do we do?" "Put new wheels on it and it's a brand new car!" " Genius, f'ng genius, high five!"

Anonymous said...

I think FCA should give all the SUV/CUV products to Jeep and call it a day. If FCA would slap a slotted grille and squared off wheel arches on this vehicle, it could easily pass as a Jeep (it would probably sell better too).

Carl said...

Seems like the handwriting is on the wall, another Mercury/Oldsmobile/Plymouth