Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another new London Taxi from LTI/Geely?

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of what Nissan is hoping to be the next Londan Taxi.
basically a blacked out NV200 van with a chrome grille and round headlight.
Which would be pretty sad.

The original Firm LTI was bought by Chinese Geely a while ago. The the current London taxis are basically Chinese cars.

Now Geely is fighting back with a new model. Which, at least on this picture, does look a bit closer to a real London taxi than the Nissan NV.

They claim they can have a plug in version or all electric ready soon.

We'll see....


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Is the British automotive so completely dead that they can't build their own damned cabs? The Nissan is hideous, but a Chinese cab would be absolutely tragic.

Vince Burlapp said...

I know, it's tragic.
The London taxis have been Chinese for years.

There are no more British brands anymore. (At least main ones). There are all owned by foreign companies...

But I must say, I still like this new Geely much more than the Nissan one. At least they are trying too make it look like a modern version of the old Taxi.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks cool in a quirky sort of way.

CookieMcDogood said...

The Frazer-Nash Metrocab was just revealed and is coming out later this year. It has a unique look and seems more practical than this, while also looking better than the Nissan and Mercedes.

PGA said...

It is a trojan horse.
People will start to think... 'If the cab that runs all day works ok, why my "just go to work" car can't be the same'.

Good move from Geely.

Anonymous said...

Why does London only have one type of taxi?

Miley smith said...

I like the old taxis a lot. I also like the new one by Geely. It's look cool.
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