Sunday, January 12, 2014

2015 GMC Canyon

Basically a Chevrolet Colorado with a GMC front end.
Which solidifies GMC's reputation as just a "Different grille" company.

But I guess it works. Since they sell tons of their full size trucks and SUVs while the Chevrolet versions are the same.

Besides that, I actually do like the Canyon.
The front does look better than the Colorado to me. Maybe mimicking more the full size trucks.
Which many buyers might like.

I think GM could have a huge hits with their new "compact" trucks.
They do look pretty good, and most people really do not need the full size beasts to drive around...

(The Silverado I am driving this week can really be a pain in the city...)

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Anonymous said...

Vince, I believe these trucks actually do wear different front fenders and bedsides; quite a shock considering the Sierra and Silverado share the same sheetmetal--more than the previous generation even.

The fender flares in this case are a little over the top, but they work. The headlights also seem to be an improvement over the crap they put on the full-size Sierra.

The only real deal breakers for me, thus far, God knows how expensive they'll price these, are the plastic front bumper (I know, silly me for wanting a truck to behave like a truck) and that dang space robbing floor shifter. ;)

It will be interesting to see if these do significantly better when it comes to roof crush tests. If they don't, GM is most definitely what I think they are.