Monday, October 14, 2013

Mystery VW sedan.

The Chinese site says this is a new model positioned above the Passat. But not the Phaeton.

Who know really, it could be a bunch of things. I haven't heard that VW was working on a larger sedan besides the next Phaeton. So it could be the Phaeton.
Or the next CC. Or even the next Euro Passat.


Anonymous said...

The chinese like the stretched versions with larger back seats... sort of a poor man's limo. I'm guessing its just a stretched version of the Passat.

Anonymous said...

Euro Passat or Phaton as nothing else makes sense. it's not shaped to be the next CC.


Anonymous said...

I see you switched to awesome for less effort all around...especially not having to type your older address anymore!

Joern said...

It might be the Euro-Passat, which is due for a new generation. Then again, there is more than enough space between the Passat and the Phaeton to position a new model; the gap between both models is huge.