Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Baby Bentley coming up?

Apparently, bentley is interested in a smaller and cheaper sedan.
Well, not "cheap" really. But around $100 000. Which would compete with the S Class and 7 series.
It would use the same platform as the next generation Porsche Panamera.

Let's just hope it looks better than the new Flying Spur and more like the gorgeous Mulsanne.
And much better than the illustration above. That looks like it could be a Chevy.


Anonymous said...

I'd say this looks more Jag than Chevy. But I'm not a fan of the current Jaguar sedans. Their attempts to make is sleek and slippery looking has wiped away all the distinctive elements that make jaguars sexy. The same can be said of this.

carl said...

Looks like a Maserati to me