Thursday, October 17, 2013

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Looking really good. Even with the distortion from the long zoom lens.

Much more personality than the super bland current model (which already looked boring the day it came out).
From what I hear, engines could be pretty much the same. So nothing futuristic here. A big V6 and a V8.

The weirdest thing in this picture is the giant man standing next to the car.
He appears to be about 8 feet tall. Is the car a model or the real thing?


Joern said...

Wow, I´m surprised because it´s looking really nice. The front end could easily be a Peugeot. I didn´t expect anything like this from Hyundai. With the tall man next to the car, it looks like they shrunk the Genesis to C-class-size.

Anonymous said...

An oddly proportioned A7 knockoff.