Monday, September 16, 2013

VW Beetle TDI Convertible test drive coming up.

Something really rare in the US: a diesel convertible.
I have it for a week and will answer questions and report on it soon.

So far, it is quiet and refined. And the gas mileage, as usual with TDIs,  exceeds official numbers.
As I got 47MPG on a day trip a couple of days ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vince, I just bought one of these for my wife she calls it the converbeetle she and I have noticed that after you lightly use the brake it seems that it continues braking without your foot on the pedal. Are you experiencing the same or similar? and yes we checked the parking brake it's not on. other than that she is very happy....only if vw made one in a quattro version would we be happier. also love the tdi mpg!!!

Vince Burlapp said...

I've experienced that before. It is due to the DSG's weird behavior at low speed. (I think)
Slowing down and stopping is never really smooth.

I still think the "regular" 6 speed auto is much, much better. But not available on the Diesel or 2.0 Liter...