Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Qoros3 Sedan gets 5 star in EuroNCAP Crashtest

And by doing so, becomes the 1st Chinese car to get a 5 star rating in the European crash test.

Quite amazing, compared to the 0 or 1 star ratings Chines cars used to get just a few years ago.
The new Compact sedan is schedule for European release in 2014

Here is the actual footage of the test.  Which is quite impressive.

Especially compared to this!
The Chinese Brilliance sedan crash test from 2007.


Anonymous said...

That is actually a nice looking car.

Anonymous said...

Price in Europe is set to high to compete with European carmakers

Anonymous said...

That would actually make a nice Chrysler 200 replacement.. and it's probably safer to boot.

PGA said...

This is what you get when you treat employees like disposable items.
They go elsewhere and bring what they know with them.