Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fiat Viaggio hatchback

The Viaggo is our Dodge Dart for the Chinese market. With a different front end and some trim changes.
But they are basically the sane car.
A 5 door version is coming out soon.

So far, a hatchback version of the Dart isn't scheduled for the US. Too bad. As it could compete with the Focus and Mazda 3 over here...


6-speed said...

Maybe the hatch isn't slated for here because the lone sedan isn't even selling that well. I never see one.

Anonymous said...

Dodge is still stinging from the Caliber debacle.. I doubt we'll see a 5-door anytime soon, unless Chevy finally brings the Cruze hatch or wagon. Would love to see an SRT Dart hatch though!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Hatch was going to be the Chrysler 100?