Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Citroen Cactus Concept

 Citroen already had another Cactus concept in 2007. The C-Cactus. Which looked more aggressive than this.
This one seems more relaxed. But still fun and original.
A production of that could be nice.

The Cactus reminds me a bit of last year's Toyota Concept. The strange MEWE.
Like variations on a similar theme...


Les said...

Gotta love those tail lights.

Anonymuse said...

That does look fun.

Cookie McDougal said...

Production version coming next year, supposed to keep 90% of the concept.

Les said...

I just read that this is going to be Citroen's "low-cost" car, meaning that it should top-out under $20k (equivalent).
Now I like it even better. It's one thing to design a nice looking car for $30k. It's something else to do that on a very tight budget.