Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chang-An A301

Another day, another Chinese copy.

This ones reminds me of a lot of cars. Including the Yaris and the Sonic.
I am not even sure the black part of the top is actually a sunroof. I can't see any cut lines, so it could just be black paint?

What does this remind you of?


PGA said...

It looks 95% like a Ford Ka.

Padwin Velez said...

Pvl blacklaser, looks like opel

Philthy82 said...

Front bumper: Opel Astra OPC
Headlights: Citroen C3
Rest: a mix of Hyundai and everything else.

Anonymous said...

Looks better than a Yaris or Sonic to me.

Anonymuse said...

There's lots of Veloster in that.

Anonymous said...

I see some Hundai vibes all around, but 2008 Astra hatch in the rear.