Monday, September 02, 2013

2014 BMW 4 series convertible

Compare this to the current 3 series convertible. And the tops look the same.
Come on!

The hard top convertible version of the 3 series was always one of the most awkward looking convertible with the top up. You would think after all these years they would have designed something a bit slicker. But no. It looks the same.
Could it really be ? Are they really using the same top?



Anonymous said...

Haha, it looks identical!

They learned this from Toyota as they did the same with the Camry's rear passenger doors.

What a shame.


Anonymous said...

I think Mercedes did the same thing between the second and third SLK generations.. sad to see this, with all the concentration on weight reduction and economy, I was sure the 4-series would revert to a cloth top.

Anonymuse said...

It IS pretty bad. Looks like something Saturn would have come up with.