Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2014 BMW i3

This is it.
The real thing. Not the concept.

BMW had just announced US pricing which will start at $42 000. Which means about $32 000 after incentives (at least in California)
Which isn't bad at all. Figure at least $2000 extra for the small range extender engine, which I think is well worth it.
Most people might not like it but I do. I think it stays true to the concept. And it does look like something special.
The interior also seems really futuristic. As it should be, since we do live in 2013.

Maybe a longer version is needed soon? That back seat leg room looks awfully small...


Anonymous said...

Err, I thought this would be my next car. Guess not. I don't like how it looks. :(

hyns said...

The dash does looks very cool.
Range extender is two-stroke...just kidding. No idea
Is there any cargo at all with that added engine?

Anonymous said...

I will have to reserve judgement on the design until I see it on the road, but I do love the interior. It looks well laid out and easier to operate than the Tesla's giant TV monitor. Awesome steering wheel also just like the one on the new Mercedes S class.