Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Chinese State Limousine

This is supposed to be a "civilian" version of the presidential car that came out in 2010.

And I actually think it is kind of cool.
Like a weird blend of 1950's design with a hi tech interior.


Anonymous said...

with all the high-style and fine appointments you would expect in a stretch FIAT 124 from the 1970's. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Joern said...

I´ve seen this car before - and in contrast to 99% of all other cars from there, this is kind of a classic. Very traditional, yet very clean lines. There is a strong resemblance to the original Hongqi. All in all I don´t have a problem with the car itself, but with the poeple for whome this was designed for.

Andrew Jason said...

Wow! That was amazing and extravagant. Riding in a Limousine will not only provide your peace of mind but a style. Using luxury car will help you appear in front of people like stars. Thanks for sharing such a nice post its really Impressive.