Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

 I didn't know this was coming up...
Looks like they did it right by using the 2.5 Liter engine instead of the big V6.
After all, hybrids are all about mileage, not power.
(I think Toyota made a mistake by still using the V6 for the Highlander Hybrid)

Looking very much the same as the new Pathfinder, of course.
It will cost about $3000 more than the V6 version. Which is OK by Hybrid standard.

You are still getting 250HP, thanks to a supercharged version of the 2.5 Liter, combined the electric motor.
They are estimating 25MPG City and 27 HWY.

I drove the PAthfinder's cousin, the Infiniti JX35 ( now called QX60), and I got 20/27. Which was better than the 18/23 official numbers.
So the official numbers for the Hybrid might be conservative.


Dav said...

"25MPG City and 27 HWY"... Huh?

That's pretty poor milage for ANY modern vehicle and absolutely shameful for anything labeled 'hybrid'.

Dav said...

BTW Vince... The JX would be considered the Pathfinder's 'cousin' NOT the RWD, G-Series based, FX.

Anonymous said...

QX60 hybrid 25/27 26mpg avg

Mec GL 19/25 22mpg avg

Audi Q7 19/28 23mpg avg

Anonymous said...

Same gas mileage as my 4.0L 7-passenger Town & Country Limited and also my FULL-SIZE Chevy Tahoe!