Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2014 Kia Soul

More and better pictures of the new Soul. And it is looking really good.
Interior is also improved.
They did a great job updating a popular design. Something Chrysler was never able, or willing, to do with the PT CRuiser. (Idiots...)

Engines are a 1.6 Liter with 130HP.Or a 2.0 Liter with 164HP.
6 speed manual is available with the 1.6 Liter.

Everything ese is also improved. You know, the usual. It is roomier, more solid, gets better MPG etc...


Dav said...

Ok... Now these pics are much better.

Still has that 'SOUL' that so many buyers were drawn to, but adds just enough refinement to possibly draw in a slightly different buyer.

Nice to see they didn't completely ruin the thing like Toyota/Scion did with the xB/bB transition from 1st to 2nd generation.

Anonymous said...

That backside must have been designed by the guy who did the Nissan Juke.