Friday, February 15, 2013

Qoros Concepts

 1st this Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept. Which is basically a hatchback version of their new sedan.
A bit raised up like what VW is doing with most of their models in Europe.
The powertrain is more interesting. Although still in concept form.
It is a small 1.2 Liter three-cylinder turbo good for 130hp. With a 50kW electric motor.
They claim it can be driven in pure electric mode at a speed of up to about 75MPH.

Their second "concept" is this wagon version. Called "Estate Concept".
Basically, a wagon version of the production sedan.

Qoros is just showing that they already have 2 more models waiting to be produced. A good thing to show when you are trying to convince dealers to open a new Qoros showroom.

They are all just fine looking. And the new brand claims they can achieve top scores in the new Euro crash tests.
We'll see...


Anonymous said...

i like the suv cross hybrid. other than the weird grille the rest of the car, particularly the rear looks quite good

Dav said...

This is far closer to how the BMW 5/3 GT should have looked. (relatively) Clean, contemporary, and well-proportioned as opposed to (BMW's) dowdy, bloated and awkward.

Not sure about the performance/quality, but it's not a bad looking crossover/less space-efficient wagon at all.

Joern said...

I think the wagon is a real beauty. Quite unusual, but very solid and clean!

Anonymous said...

In 3 years the Chinese Government will be building these in the Fiskar Plant in the USA.