Thursday, February 21, 2013

BMW 4 Series

Not sure if this is the real thing or not, but it sure looks like it.
The Cabrio especially does have a strong 6 series feel to it. Which is good.
Otherwise, it just look like a slightly updated version of the current car.

The coupe especially, doesn't make the current model look old. 


Anonymous said...


Dav said...

So... Essentially the same old greenhouse plopped on top of a 2-door version of the new(ish) 3-Series sedan with some 5 dollar JC Whitney side scoop tacked on.

Beyond Boring!

Anonymous said...

BMW hasn't been up to speed since Bangle left. Too bad. Audi and Mercedes and Cadillac and Jag and Lincoln and Infinity are all moving on. BMW needs to wake up the styling team--before consumers loose interest!

11Thirteen said...

I think that the 4 series will take allot of cues from the new 3 series gt