Tuesday, February 05, 2013

BMW 3 series GT

Or is it the 4 series GT? The little air vent behind the front wheel is similar to what they use on the new 4 series coupe.

No matter what they call it, it will be a hatchback version of the 3 series.
It does looks a bit better than the heavy handed 5 series GT. But not nearly as good as the Euro Audi A5 Sportback. Which I guess will be the main competition to this car.
Just as a reminder, here is what the Audi A5 Sportback looks like. It came out over 3 years ago and still looks much better than the BMW...


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me.. But neither one of these cars does a thing for me.

Big yawn!

Dav said...


Yet another hunchback-backed automotive abomination from BMW - only this time with some silly J.C. Whiney sourced side vent tacked onto the front fenders.

Anonymous said...

Both the Audi & BMW look funny from a styling perspective (but not deformed/perverse like the Honda Crosstour). But the 4-dr fastback is the future-like it or not. It's a roomier, more fuel-efficent design than a sedan. The BMW 5GT is an absolutly wonderfull car for both the driver and rear-seat passengers. I expect the 3/4GT will be equally more "user-friendly" than the 3 sedan or wagon. Now if they can just work on that styling!!!