Friday, February 22, 2013

Holden Commodore Sportwagon, and Ute

This is, of course, the wagon version of the revised Commodore introduced just a few days ago.
But unlike the sedan this will NOT come to the US. Which is too bad. 
I think it looks better than the sedan. But I guess it doesn't fit under the "4 door Corvette" description.

And the Ute is of course the closest thing to a modern El Camino.

I still think there would be a market for this in the US. Maybe more so than the big V8 sedan.
If they can sell it cheap enough.

This is truly what the El Camino would have become in the 21st Century.
This is a different version.  (?)
Without the black wheel or ghastly orange paint job.
One good looking car/truck thing....

I guess the "weak US dollar/strong Australian dollar"  killed this again for us.
Remember when the previous version almost made it as a Pontiac a few years ago?


Anonymous said...

Love it. Its time for a return of the car-truck. And Chevy is the right home for it in this modern looking Commodore.

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

El Caminos, Utes, Pursuits, Ranceros and such have a technical term: coupe utility. The orginal crossover! The mini-truck befre mini-trucks!

Speaking of crossovers, they're why we don't get wagons OR hatches. This market is about all the sedans, SUV/crossovers and full-size pickups you want, while every other segment shrank. Tragic.

Anonymous said...

That second ute picture is a chop of the Impala based on dash-to-axle ratio.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking the same about the second ute.

Geoff said...

Agree with last commenter, the blue vehicle is a complete photochop. The only thing 'Commodore' about it are the VE SS wheels.

Anonymous said...

Chevy should import the Ute, but not as an El Camino.. it should be sold alongside the SS with the same 6.2-liter V8 and inherit the SSR sport truck name.

Anonymous said...

The Blue on e has lots of 2014 Impala styling cues: rear wheel arch, dogleg rear side window. Wonder what the front is like.

Anonymous said...

^ Its a chop based on the 14 Impala

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that second pic is a photoshopped Impala. Still looks great! Too bad neither is real for the US.

- FusioptimaSX