Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Audi S3

 Apparently the S version of the new A3 will only be available in the 5 door body now called Sportback. (Europe does get a slightly sportier looking 3 door).

Specs are pretty impressive, with 300hp from the familiar 2.0 Liter Turbo
Competing with the new Focus RS and its 320hp.
But no more manual. As Audi  is slowly replacing everything with DSGs now... Which is quite sad.
(The Focus RS offers a 6 speed manual)

Another sad thing is the design. I get the "understated" look. To a point. But this lacks any character whatsoever.

Shouldn't a fun driving car be at least a little fun to look at?


Dav said...

Oh Wow... It's so completely different than anything Audi has ever done - Oh Wait?

No It's Not!

Same Old Audi Styling They've Been Peddling for Near 20 Years Now.

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

I like looking at it just fine. It looks like it will age well at least. But I agree on all these DSG and CVTs taking over. This exists to satisfy the average buyer* who refused to embrace the stick.

*Notice I said buyer, not driver.

Anonymous said...

The marketing people can sell us on this being and Audi, but to me, it's a VW. An Audi is something that can hold it's own against Cadillac, BMW, Infinity, Lincoln, and Mercedes.

This can't

It's a VW hatch wearing an Audi Hat.

It makes me think twice before even looking at an A6 or A7.

Tard said...

Looks like that 2014 SEAT Leon SC a few posts down. In fact the SEAT looks better, maybe because it's a 3-door.

Anonymous said...

VW still selling the same 20-year old+ chassis. I wouldn't be surprised if it still had a live rear beam