Sunday, November 11, 2012

VW Jetta GLI test Drive Part One

 I have drivne a few versions of the Jetta before.
So I was interested to see how much better the top of the lie GLI was.
Unfortunately, my test drive still has the 6 speed Auto DSG that I really don't like. A 6 speed manual would have been much better.

Despite the upgraded soft touch dashboard, the interior still has a cheap feel to it. Especially the doors.
It seems that with the soft dash,  much nicer and smoother Turn signal/Wiper stalks have been added.
A small detail that actually makes quite a difference.

The seats are really good with great suport. The Fender stereo sounds great.
The 2.0 Turbo still has quite a bit of lag when the DSG is in D. Things get better in the Sport mode, but also more abrupt and unrefined.
The best is to actually use the "fake" manual mode and choose the gears yourself.
Which is still not as pleasant as a true manual.

I will be keeping the GLI for a few more days, so go ahead if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

Did the windows actually function right for a full day this time?

jlele29 said...

Is the VW Jetta a "feminine" car? I'm purchasing a car on my own for the first time and i know the Jetta is cost-efficient and fuel-efficient, and I see them driving all the time...but it's usually women.

Vince, do you think the Jetta is "effeminate" or should I not really care?

Also what kind of mileage and HP does the GLI get?

PGA said...

Why Love manual gearboxes so much? In a race or late for work are ok but deal with them on a 1h stop and go...

I love autos when they don't shift the gear every 3000rpm only, and make the car noisier.

Read your blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Looks aside, is the Mazda 3 a better car overall?

Anonymous said...

Vince, you are not missing anything with the manual. I took a GLI for a test drive (comparing it with a GTI). Pulled out of the dealer lot, did a bit of shifting, pulled a u-turn and brought it back within 1 minute of the test drive. The stick was unbearable. I was just shocked given how nice it is on the GTI.

Anonymous said...

VW quality is nonexistent.

Ask me about my 2007 Passat that I owned for less than two years. Please. Ask me.

I wouldn't wish a VW vehicle on my worst enemy.

jlele29 said...
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Anonymous said...

Can VWs run without serious problems for 30k miles these days? If they do, that is an improvement!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Looks aside, is the Mazda 3 a better car overall?

November 11, 2012 7:06 PM"

Yes, easily yes.

1. It will be more reliable.
2. It will have better resale value because it is more reliable.
3. It is more fun to drive.
4. Maintenance and parts will be far less.
5. Nicer interior, it won a Ward's 10 Best award for its interior. The Jetta's interior has been panned by EVERYONE.

The Mazda 3 is hands down a better vehicle. If you want sport, the Mazdaspeed3 is the best option in this segment if you don't need AWD and can drive a manual.

Anonymous said...

New Sentra, thats the one to beat in this segment

Anonymous said...

LOL@ New Sentra. That car is a heap of cheese. Grandma, your mini mongaloid Altima is here. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mongoloid, what do u mean. U wouldn't. Be poking fun at way u could mean that!