Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More pictures of the all new RAV4

I think it might even been more than "it could have been worse".
It's actually just fine.

I know many people will love to hate it, but I predict this will be everywhere soon.
Toyota still has a great reputation among most consumers, and the new RAV4 looks decent.
That's all it needs to be a hit.


Anonymous said...

NO THANKS, I'd prefer the more upscale Dodge Journey; with it's euro-spoke wheels and Lexus-like dash.

Dav said...

Not the type of vehicle that I'd buy, but a notable improvement over the current (ungainly) Rav4.

Still... Given that this is now looking to be around the same size as the Highlander, one could ask - What's The Point?

Anonymous said...

i didnt realize the subaru/toyota partnership was going to extend this far down the product line; guess it makes sense though.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they went for a "rugged" look on the interior but it just comes off as infantile. This is the common problem of having your design studio in california. Otherwise it is OK.

Anonymous said...

Toyota is paralyzed, and they don't want to change anything. I understand that. But unfortunately this is the result. The pear-shaped masses will flock to it. But for people who actually care about good design and good cars, this is an eyesore.

Anonymous said...

I will not buy it, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

@ November 27, 2012 9:26 AM

LOL. This guy.

Dodge Journey is a piece of garbage that has an absurdly high fleet sales ratio because a regular consumer doesn't want it.

There is NOTHING Lexus-like about the dash on the Journey. Not in material quality, fit and finish, nor appearance.

There is a reason why the model is going to be left for dead soon.

Captain Midnight said...

The exterior looks typical Toyota bland and boring, but is basically inoffensive. The interior, on the other hand, looks like utter crap.

SalvatoreBellomo said...

"Just there" meaning another boring car that isn't anything to anyone it's "Just there"

Anonymous said...

Dodge Journey is a piece of garbage that has an absurdly high fleet sales ratio because a regular consumer doesn't want it.

ACTUALLY it's been THE #1 seller in its class here in Canada for SEVERAL YEARS now.

AND it's sales are increasing in Europe (faster than any other FIAT model--they call it the Fiat Freedom)

Oddly though, not a big seller in US Fleet Sales--most the sales there are to ordinary consumers.

DRIVE a Journey and RAV4 and CRV back to back, and I bet you'll reach the same conclusion I did--The Journey feels and handles like a LOT more machine for the money! THAT'S why the old Rav4 got traded for a New Dodge Journey!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good actually, way better than that monstrosity Honda CRV.