Monday, November 19, 2012

2014 Mercedes E Class

Just a short teaser video so far. Showing off the new headlight design.
Which, on this video, looks really impressive.

I pretty much hated the current E class sedan design when it came out just a few years ago.
But after being in the car a few times, it has grown on me.
Maybe because the car itself is so good.

And the coupe/convertible versions do look much better.
I just with the new front end also comes with a more modern looking interior.
We'll see....


Anonymous said...

I love this. The current E class is a really smart looking car. But the LED pixels on the front look like christmas lights that stay on a house all year... cheap. LED pixels are becoming very tired. Smooth light bars (still LED) are a huge improvement.

DaHarder said...

Nothing... Absolutely NOTHING can help the current Merc E-Class.

The sedan is easily the single most deformed, graceless, hideous luxury vehicle existent, and the sooner the scrap the entire car... The Better!

Anonymous said...

The current e-class looks like it was designed by idiot ArtsyFartsy twits. Like Nissans.

Anonymous said...

New headlights look crap. It's like someone wearing big fake tacky eyelashes.

Anonymous said...

The current E-class is the best-looking sedan MB has EVER built. And the ONLY MB car I have ever considered (Bought a BMW instead--mostly due to the handling). These lights by themselves are like a mis-quote taken out of context by a dishonest politican--there's not enough there to draw ANY conclusions from. I'll hold judgement till I get the WHOLE picture.

Anonymous said...

The E-Class is the best looking car MB ever built...If you are a 12 year old boy.

The new headlights won't do anything for this car except make it more vulgar looking. The 12 year old boys won't even like it.

Jabu said...

Those bashing the current E class have not driven an E63 in either 6.2 or 5.5TT froms. Unreal machine that looks menacing and edgy.