Tuesday, September 04, 2012

More pictures of the all new VW Golf

Sure, nothing original.
Bust still, I think I like it. It might also be one of these cars that does look really good and solid in real life.


Anonymous said...

Why even redesign it? It always looks the same? Boring

Dav said...

As usual... With VW , 'All New' means the same old tired design/profile + VW's front/rear design-theme of the month grafted on.

Anonymous said...

With exception of the Mk1 and the MkIV, the golf has always been a substantial hatchback that feels bank vault solid. Definitely for those who aren't necessarily looking for the cheapest option. Glad to see they didn't chintz-out on the interior like they are doing with some of their other cars.

Louis said...

It looks really good actually; for what it is. A small front drive hatchback. Maybe not as nice as the Focus but will have a more quality feel than the Focus.

With the 2.0L diesel, we may even see 50mpg on the highway without complicated hybrid tech.