Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Even more pictures of the new Golf!

Why not.
Now showing the new Panoramic roof. Similar to what they offer in the Beetle.


Dav said...

How's adding a bit more 'black out' to the exterior surface of a regular-sized sunroof all of a sudden a 'Panoramic Roof' ?

Anyway... This one looks a bit more aggressive, but it's still about as dull and mundane as most Golfs of the past 20 years have been.

Anonymous said...

why bother, just show us the 1980

Anonymous said...

Yeah definitely not pano if it doesn't extend into rear passengers space.

If you look at Wikipedia then you see almost no exterior design differences to the 10 year old Golf. I guess it's like the Camry and Corolla. No one wants it obviously to change for some reason.

6-speed said...

Sweet design. The changes make it look even better than it has before. Why drastically change a winning design just for change sake? Can't wait to see it in GTI form!