Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All new Kia Pro Cee'd

Here is the coupe version of the redesigned Kia Cee'd for the European market.

I must say, I am just a little bit disappointed. I think the 4 door looks great, but this is a bit too close to the Renault Megane coupe.
I was expecting something a bit more original.
Still, the interior, shared with the 4 door, seems nicer than the one in our new Forte.


Anonymous said...

Something tells me this will be the next Forte Koup in the US..

Anonymous said...

The Koreans have figured out that good looking, and proportional wheels make their cars look so much better. Brilliant! Who would have thought that?

Dav said...

Very Nice Looking... and when the high-performance version surfaces, I'll seriously consider one as my next commuter car.

FusioptimaSX said...

So this is the next Forte Koup underneath I take it?