Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2014 Mercedes S Class

Just a teaser as they say.

But it already looks much sleeker than the spy photos we have seen for years now.
The real thing will probably not be as svelte as this pictures indicates.
This does look like a longer CLS.

We'll see...


Dav said...

So... The same basic shape minus the 1st-gen Ford Focus fenders and plus some superfluous 'flame-surfacing' that has absolutely nothing to do with the overall shape of the vehicle - How Thrilling.

Anonymous said...

Top line good; bottom line superflous. The S should be formal--not just a CLS stretch--we already have a CLS. (I think BMW fell into this trap with the all too similar 5/6/7/7L series). The 7 from 4 years ago was damn impressive and beautifully Designed. The new 7 is just a big 5 which is already too much just a slightly taller 6 sedan.

Anonymous said...

Didn't lexus do something like this? I hear this is also a rework of the current design. I hope I'm proven wrong!