Wednesday, August 01, 2012

All new BMW 3 series GT

For the 1st time, the 3 series will be soon available as a hatchback.
Something similar to the 5 series GT. Except, hopefully, better looking.

This is what Audi has been doing for years, at least in Europe, with the 4 door hatchback version of the A5. As well as the A7 being a hatchback version of the A6.

Let's hope the final product doesn't end up has clumsy looking as the 5 GT.


Dav said...

Didn't BMW learn anything from the aesthetically-challenged/woefully over-priced 5GT?

The 'new-ish' 3-Series is already a resounding design disappointment, amounting to little more than new front and rear fascias grafted onto the same old tired middle and I seriously doubt that slapping a humpback on it is going to make it any more appealing.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully BMW has learned from their mistakes, as well as Honda and Acuras mistakes. And that they've learned from other's successes. That making the fastback sedan beautiful makes all the difference. The upcoming Ford Fusion, the Aston Martin Rapide and the Audi A7 are stunning. And they sell at a premium. Honda and BMW have to put lots of cash on the hood to sell theirs. New car categories have to win people over on style, and not make the owners look dopy.

Lawrence Shine said...

Hey Vince, you forgot about (along with everyone else) The Trunkectomy Patient - the mediocre little BMW Compact

FusioptimaSX said...


Darkman-X said...

Lawrence you beat me to it.