Saturday, July 07, 2012

New "retro N600" Honda?

Not sure what it will be called yet.
But Honda will build a production version of the really cool N Concept 4 they showed last year.
Except, of course, they changed it enough to ruin it.
Not it just looks like another super cheap little car . Only the front end has a little bit of a personality.
Still far off from the concept.

And forget about a really modern powertrain like an EV. No.
This will be powered by a tiny 660 CC engine. Just like any other cars in its cathegory.

It's just too bad Honda had to ruin the original concept. Itself based on their old N360 and N600 models.
Pretty much their only chance at a retro design of their own.
And they blew it...


Anonymous said...

Overall it looks like a car from the 1980's. Fail.

Anonymous said...

Really modern power train? Vince the electric motor is just as old as combustion.

Anonymous said...

Similar to the Honda N Box is extremely cool but I think it is Japan only. Too bad.

Dav said...

There's really nothing here that's any more 'retro' than Japanese companies have been doing for some 30+ years when it comes to Kei car design.

Anonymous said...

The purity of the concept has been completely washed out of the production model, like every current Honda.. now it just looks like a cheap little '80s Suzuki.

Anonymous said...

The concept N4 looked really cool which is what this is suppossed to be based on.
See here: