Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Lexus LS?

Nobody seems to be sure about these pictures.
Illustrations or not?

Let's hope they are fake.
They make the current generation look like a runway model.
This just looks like a bloated new GS. And the GS is the worst looking Lexus so far.

That poor little chrome line between the tail lights make the rear look so cheap. On such an expensive car.

We'll now for sure very soon.


Anonymous said...

Don't LOVE their new grille design, but, all in all, it isn't THAT bad looking.
However, everybody's a critic...

Anonymous said...

I'd swear that's the current model with a bodykit and different fascias.. I thought the LS would be all new?

Dav said...

Not much 'new' going on here except the addition of Lexus' 'spindle-inspired' front end styling and a body kit. Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine this is real. It's lowered. The tail lights and windows are blacked out. The wheels look aftermarket. And that nightmarish grill is way more exaggerated than on typical Lexus. It looks like shit. Toyota does boring. But if this is real, they've lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

Are they trying to sell these things to 14 year old school boys?