Saturday, July 14, 2012

All new Seat Leon

Another nice looking hatchback we are not getting over here.
The Spanish arm of VW has turned out a much better looking car than the Golf.

The new Leon is based on the same platform as the redesigned Audi A3, and the next generation Golf.
The interior isn't that exciting, but it's better than the Jetta's.

Engines range from 1.2 to 2.0 Liter.


Anonymous said...

this looks like a kia. a real shame considering the current leon looks so different, especially from behind.

Vanzari auto said...

I find the exterior styling of this new Leon uglier but I may be biased as an owner of the current generation Leon. There are no more hidden rear door handles, nor vertical wipers, and the front and back are kind of bland and clumsy... Hopefully the 3-door version will look much sportier and sleeker. I love my Leon for its handling and ride, and the 1.8 TSI engine is a charm and I hope they've at least kept those in the new range, otherwise I'll have to turn to other brands for an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Much prettier than current Leon, from every angle.

el_monty said...

Much more boring and german-looking than the previous Leon, IMHO. Still better than a Golf, of course, but that's easy, Volkswagens are the the most boringly styled cars in the world