Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kia Ceed Coupe

The new Ceed is out in Europe. And the sedan version is coming over here as the new Forte.

This future 2 door version is for Europe only. Although a US Coupe could be based on it.

Let's hope Kia follows Hyundai and decides to add the hatchback versions to the next Forte line up in the US as well.


Anonymous said...

Well if VW won't offer the scirocco in the US, Kia is happy to offer a knockoff.

Jenn of the GWN said...

Lets hope that Kia brings this to our side of the pond to spice things up a bit. After all Hyundai has the Turbo Veloster waiting in the wings, me thinks a hot hatch from Kia would be the perfect response and send a shot across VW's bows to boot.
In the meantime I will pray to the speed godess that I won't have to move to Europe to get my hands on a decent, affordable hot hatch here in the colonies....:-|

Anonymous said...

This would make a nice replacement for the Forte Koup.. especially now that Hyundai totally muscled in on that territory with the Elantra coupe.