Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chevrolet Cruze Wagon

Just a few new pictures GM released of the wagon version of the popular Cruze.
Which is still not for us. But they said the same about the Diesel. Which is coming over here sometime next year.
As well as the new front end.

Looks like they made a few changes inside as well.
The current version is above.

The Cruse is a really good car and deserves GM to really push it in the US.
Where it is much more popular than in Europe.


Tard said...

Wonder how this would do as a Verano wagon. Didn't the old Buick Roadmaster sell okay?

Anonymous said...

It needs more power.

stellar said...

A Verano wagon would probably look very similar to the Astra.

Anonymous said...

They need at least 3 body styles. I'm still confused as to why there is no coupe. The wagon and hatch should be available here too. Having multiple versions of a populart model is a GOOD thing. I see more focus hatches than sedans on the road here.

- FusioptimaSX

Anonymous said...

Don't make it a Buick.....no one is going to pay the "Buick mark-up" for it and it will die an untimely death just like the ACURA wagon is doing (IDK what the letters are for the Acura Wagon TL, RL, WGN?). They should have made the Acura wagon a HONDA instead of that GOD-AWFUL Crosstour p.o.s

Anonymous said...

I want one of these Cruze wagons. They should def expand the Cruze line in the US - that Coupe idea is a good one too.

Anonymous said...

They should bring the wagon to the US in two forms: one being this sporty wagon, and the second being a raised higher torque AWD wagon to compete against the Subaru Imprezas/Outbacks. NOT EVERYONE wants a SUV or CUV.

Anonymous said...

Needs a better engine. I rented one of these and it's a total slug.

thomas said...

No. Spare. Tire.